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Instrument: Piano

Grade: 12th

School: Troy High School

Member since 2011


  • I was first introduced to music at the age of five when I began learning the piano and flute. Since then, I have spent innumerable hours honing my skill and building on my passion for music. Such practice have brought me numerous awards and recognitions. I received second place at the Seattle International Piano Festival, received the Panel Master Class distinction from the Certificate of Merit, was a winner of the Young Arts and Spotlight competitions, and performed twice at Carnegie Hall. However, piano is not my only interest. I am also interested in physics and computer science. Last year, I became part of the USA Physics Team after placing within the top 20 in the USA Physics Olympiad. Also, I am in the Gold Division for the USA Computing Olympiad. I am defined by the experiences that these pursuits have imparted upon me.

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