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World Relief Chamber Music strives to heal the world though music. Our members perform at the World Vision headquarters, senior centers, and other locations to raise awareness and funds for children around the world who are in need. 

" It’s always been my passion to help people. WRCM allows me to expand my passion global wide. Other than that, I have also made a lot of friends with all members and parents in WRCM. I LOVE it! I will continue my love for this program as long as I can. "

— Tammy Wang, WRCM Director


World Relief Chamber Music Foundation is a group of young musicians who dedicate their time to help other children that have suffered from natural disasters around the world. Ranging from elementary school to high school students, WRCM reaches out to the entire community. Year after year, these students continue to bring their passions together to aid those who have suffered from natural disasters, and in the process spread their love for music. 

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