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     Jill Yu is a classical violin teacher in Southern California and has been a member of MTAC since 2005.  Her students have regularly won numerous awards throughout the region and have passed the highest levels of the Certificate of Merit .

     Jill Yu began her violin studies at the age of six in Taiwan. Shortly after that, she joined a Youth Orchestra which performed concerts and toured Taiwan annually.

     In 1976 Jill came to the United States as a member of the Hwa-Mei Chamber Orchestra under the conductor Helen Quach.  This orchestra, assigned by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, served as a good-will delegation in celebration of the American Bicentennial and had performed twenty-six concerts during the tour in the US continent.

     Jill has been teaching violin since she was in college. After earning a bachelor’s degree in violin performance from Tunghai University in 1982, she joined the Taipei Municipal Orchestra (currently, the National Symphony Orchestra) as a first violinist. To pursue further study in the art of violin, she studied under Alexander Treger and Yukiko Kamei at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1983.

     Jill is also the instructor for the World Relief Chamber Orchestra, from 2006 to present, and has conducted relief benefit concerts through World Vision for children in  Darfur, North Uganda, Miramar, Taiwan, Chile, Indonesia, Japan, and in the United States.


Wendy Liu.jpg

     Wendy Liu is a violinist, violist, and pianist from Diamond Bar, California. She started playing the piano at the age of five, and the violin at the age of ten. She studied both instruments with Dr. Amanda
Yang for eight years.

     In August 2020, Wendy graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a bachelor degree in music education. She studied the violin with Margaret Lysy and the viola with Cheyen (Brian) Chen. Wendy was a music teacher at Orion International Academy in 2019. Wendy also was a student teacher at Charnock Road Elementary School, where she introduced music to pre-K and kindergarten students. Wendy has been teaching the violin, viola, and piano since 2017.

     During her high school years, Wendy participated in a number of orchestras: the CODA High School Honor Symphony Orchestra, Claremont Young Musicians Orchestra, Southern California Band and Orchestra Association, and CODA High School All-State Symphony Orchestra.
     Wendy joined the World Relief Chamber Music (WRCM) in 2013 and graduated in 2017 as a concertmaster vice president. She returned as
an assistant conductor and instrumental coach for the group right after and has been with the group since.


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