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Instrument: Voice (Choir Lead)

Grade: 12th

School: Pasadena High School

Member since 2016


  • WRCM, Lions Club,JROTC all motivate me to become an exceptional leader, future humanitarian, and positive role model. My current goal is to promote charitable volunteer activities. WRCM is the perfect organization for helping those in need. So far, I am Passionate leader who volunteers within the community, serves in public volunteer activities, and embraces team-building action in anticipation of a career in public service. I care about environmental issues such as climate change and pollution and seeks to change the environment through environmental activism.

  • Varsity tennis

  •  JROTC

  • Leo Club

  • Secretary of Pasadena Lions Host Club

  • Green Club

  • Leader of community events

  • JROTC Department of the Army Certificate of Meritorious Achievement

  • I was awarded for academic excellence.

  • Given for exceptional dedication and accomplishments in academic endeavor. Awarded by USA Fourth Region ROTC Cadet Command. Award was signed by JROTC 1st Sergeant Ervin L. Turner SAI May 22, 2014.

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