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Healing Through Music

World Relief Chamber Music was organized in 2001 by a community of students ranging from elementary to high school. These students have dedicated their time and energy to performing various musical acts at local senior citizen centers and fund-raising concerts in order to help children around the world who have suffered from devastating natural disasters. Year after year, these students continue to share their passion for music and entertainment with the world, bringing a stronger sense of happiness and joy to the lives of many children all over the globe.

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Co-Sponsored by World Vision

World Vision

  • World Vision statement: Vision for every child's life in its fullness

  • Prayer for every heart, the will to make it happen

  • Working with diverse partners

  • Financial accountability

San Gabriel Hope Lion's club

  • Global Leader in community & humanitarian service

  • Empower volunteers to serve their communities while promoting peace and international understanding

Estimated 460,000 children are in need of food, water, shelter, and other basic needs.    Click here to give meaningful gifts to help those in need.

Volunteer your energy, talents, and resources to bring hope and transformation to those who suffer. Click here to join us now!

In August 2023, the Maui fire has taken a toll on over 2200 structures and engulfed 2170 acres of land resulting 115 lives lost and 850 individuals missing. WRCM is dedicated to providing essential humanitarian aid to the people of Maui Island. 

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