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Instrument: Violin

Grade: 12th

School: Troy High School

Member since: 2018


  • StemUp4Youth President

  • EveryoneCanSTEM Founder and President 

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal

  •  USA Biology Olympiad Semifinalist

  •  UCSB Research Mentorship Program Alumni

  •  Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Certificate of Excellence

  •  MusicArts2Youth Senior Advisor

  •  Troy Rotary Top 100, National AP Scholar

  •  Troy National Honors Society

  •  Lion's Heart Torchbearer Award

  •  Johns-Hopkin Center of Talent Youth, President's Volunteer Service Gold Awards

  •  STEMup4Youth Leadership Award

  •  STEMup4Youth Most Valuable Lead STEM Instructor

  •  STEMup4Youth President's Community Service Award

  •  STEMup4Youth Volunteer Service Award

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